Amor e Felicidade no Casamento

Amor e Felicidade no Casamento, 2008

livro de artista em parceria com Yana Parente – Coleção de fascículos “Amor e Felicidade no Casamento”


Jonathas de Andrade e Yana Parente, Amor e felicidade no casamento.
[Recife : Ed. dos autores, 2008].
1 luva com 5 cartazes: il. color.
16 x 12 x 1 cm + 2 fotos 9 x 12,7 cm.


Luva com 5 cartazes (46 x 48 cm) numerados e dobrados em 12 partes (15,5 x 12 cm) cada. Acompanhada de 2 fotografias.
Todos os textos desta obra foram extraídos do livro “Amor e felicidade no casamento” de Fritz Kahn, Boa Leitura Editora S.A., com tradução de Guttorm Hanssen.
Impressão em offset.

mais imagens na página do artista.

80 photographs and pages from the book Love and Happiness in Marriage, by Fritz Kahn. Variable dimensions.
Art project, pictures: Jonathas de Andrade
Print design: Yana Parente
Actors: Luciana D’Anunciacao, Cristiano Lenhart
Recife, 2007

For Jonathas de Andrade’s Love and Happiness in Marriage, Luciana D’Anunciacao and Cristiano Lenhart performed the characters who personified ficcioned marriage scenarios.

The project sets out from the hypothesis that the moral structures that underpin middle-class relationships wind across generations that are equally conservative, and that absorb changes of customs only as things to be consumed and talked about.

This understanding of the moral of the in-between emerges from the book Amor e Felicidade no Casamento (Love and Happiness in Marriage), (by author Fritz Kahn, 1960) and triggers situations engendered by two characters in family homes which were emerging when the book appeared.

Love and Happiness in Wedlock is the name of a book on morals and good manners which teaches men and women about life and relationships by the German psychiatrist Fritz Kahn and was in commercial circulation during the 1960s. Today, its texts have been interwoven with photographs of the artist Jonathas de Andrade in a graphic project by the designer Yana Parente.

The collection is composed of five unfoldable fascicles fitting into a proper box. Each fascicle comes in an envelope, and the fifth fascicle comes with two pictures of the family and house, which is the scenario for this work and its characters.

16 x 12 cm, 5 fascicles, colour offset, 2008
Edition of 2,000
$10 (USD) each fascicle or $40 (USD) for complete set

Available from the artists: jonathas [at]; yana.parente [at]

The project Love and Happiness in Marriage was given shape in an individual study by the artist Jonathas de Andrade, which includes videos, slides, and a series of photographs aged with mould and which was exhibited at the Instituto Itaú Cultural (São Paulo), at Furnas Cultural (Rio de Janiero), and at the Fundação Joaquim Nabuco (Pernambuco), all in Brazil.

Yana Parente has developed several special projects in graphic design and is currently a finalist in Premio Shell de Jornalismo in the “graphic creation in mewspaper design” category



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