Untitled (Comic Book)


Frédérique Rusch (France, 1977)

Untitled (Comic Book)
[Strasbourg, France], Éditions du Livre, 2013
16 p.
17 x 26 cm
4 colours risograph print
on 115g Munken Print White
Printed by Hato Press
First edition of 100
Second edition of 125

“A Minimalist Comic Book That Stares Straight Into Piet Mondrian’s Soul: Frédérique Rusch transforms Mondrian’s two-dimentional primary-colored grid into a three-dimentional space, with a subtle Charles Burns reference thrown in for good measure.”
Mark Wilson on www.fastcodesign.com

“Frédérique Rusch pays homage to the grid from Charles Burns’ Black Hole and creates a minimalist visual aesthetic for graphic novel fans. The artist colors in traditional story board layouts and replaces common cartoon imagery with bare panels that each transform into individual spatial entities.”
Jana Pijak on www.trendhunter.com

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