Ink & Blood


Abraham Cruzvillegas
Ink & Blood: 1968–2009
San Juan [Porto Rico], Trienal Poligráfica, 2009
serigrafia sobre papel
caixa de papelão, 23 x 32 x 5 cm
conjunto de 41 peças, dimensões variáveis


It was in 1968 that Cruzvillegas was born, and this is furthermore the year of the oldest poster presented in the set Ink & Blood, 1968–2009. In this work, 41 posters and flyers created by social movements between 1968 and 2009 were reproduced in various formats on different kinds of paper, reflecting the diversity of their original contexts. Cruzvillegas based his work on extensive research into printmaking materials from around the world, used as a communication tool by groups related to social causes. This initial research gave rise to a collection of pieces related to Latin America, gathered in Ink & Blood, 1968–2009. For his work, the artist has chosen formats, slogans and languages that serve various agendas of the left – such as agrarian reform, the struggle for political freedom, and resistance to North American intervention (Cecília Rocha)

nk & Blood can be seen as a non-official portrait of Latin America and as a monument to the resistance movements in the region from 1968 to 2009. It is also a tribute by Cruzvillegas, an artist recognised by the art world, to the often anonymous artists who designed the original posters and slogans. Considered as a kind of monument, it is significant that the work is neither solid in its materiality nor fixed in its configuration, as are most official monuments. Instead it is fragile and mobile. These material characteristics relate to the resistance groups themselves: their vulnerability, their temporary existence and their ability to adapt, change and manoeuvre to further their goals (via )



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