The weather


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Kenneth Goldsmith
The Weather
Make Now Press, 2005
120 p.
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0974355429

Poetry. “Kenneth Goldsmith is without doubt the leading conceptual poet of this time. His poetry, which draws from Fluxus, Dada, and conceptual art traditions, is clever and self aware. With now classics such as FIDGET, SOLILOQUY, and DAY (all available from SPD), he has made poetry out of the mundane and when reading his work one is forced to reconsider the stakes and the measurements of aesthetic practice. THE WEATHER, a collection of weather reports, is one more test of poetry. And what is most striking about this book is that it aces the test. There is something wonderfully celebratory and shockingly pleasant and stimulatingly interesting about reading day after day of weather gone by”–Juliana Spahr.



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